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WINGS Tour Leaders – Barry Walker

Barry Walker

Image of Barry Walker

Barry Walker, M.B.E, was born near Manchester, England, and started birdwatching at the age of 13. After birding extensively in Europe and the Middle East, Barry shifted his attention to the Neotropics, where he has particularly extensive experience in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Bolivia, as well as Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Guyana. He has participated in numerous ornithological expeditions and contributed to many scientific and general publications. A resident of Cusco, Peru, for more than 25 years, Barry has visited every corner of the country as a natural history guide and, especially, a bird tour leader, and is the author of the well-received Field Guide to the Birds of Machu Picchu and the Cuzco Area and Peruvian Wildlife: A Visitor’s Guide to the Central Andes. Barry and his Peruvian wife, Rosario, have a 13-year-old daughter, and own Manu Expeditions, a pioneer ecotourism operator in Manu specializing in birding, natural history, horse riding, and cultural trips. Barry occupies the post of British Consul in Cusco, and received an M.B.E in the Queen’s 2004 New Years Honors List.

Updated: September 2008