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WINGS Tour Leaders – Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Image of Dan Brown

Dan is an avid naturalist based in Glasgow where he co-owns BiOME Consulting, an ecological consultancy specialising in ecological monitoring work, training, and research throughout Europe and North Africa. It was some of Dan’s research that lead to the discovery of Golden Nightjars in Western Sahara, the focus of one of his tours with Sunbird. Dan is particularly well travelled having been birding and tour-leading in nearly 60 countries from Eastern Russia to Antarctica, and Spitsbergen to Madagascar.  As well as birding and consultancy, Dan also edits the popular BiOME Ecology online natural history magazine (, enjoys food, wine, sport, public speaking and experiencing new cultures. Dan will take great pleasure in showing tour participants as much of the wildlife of each destination as possible. Dan will be leading the India Birds & History tour with his wife Rachael Iveson.




is a Sunbird staff leader and has life-long interest in natural history has led him to becoming a freelance ecologist.  Having graduated from the University of East Anglia with an ecology degree Dan remained in Norwich where he now divides his time between undertaking seabird and cetacean surveys in the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay, birding trips abroad and tours for Sunbird.  Before University he had already spent four months in the Antarctic, South Georgia and the Falklands and has also travelled widely through South America, India and Africa, as well as his favoured Europe where any form of wildlife is likely to grab his attention.  When not nose-to-nose with some creature or other, Dan enjoys anything from illustration and sport, to food, wine and giving talks.


Updated: February 2007