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WINGS Tour Leaders – David Ascanio

David Ascanio

Image of David Ascanio

David Ascanio has been leading bird tours in Venezuela for 31 years and his company has acted as our ground agents in the country for several decades. He is an associate researcher at the Phelps Ornithological Museum in Caracas. David specialises in bioacoustics (the study of bird vocalisations) and his passion for bird sounds has helped him to discover several new species of bird and relocate others that were poorly known. In Venezuela he has travelled extensively throughout the country on many research projects and as well as leading many tours in Venezuela has also led tours in the Caribbean, Central America, and in most of the Andean countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina).  David has explored the entire Amazon river, from its mouth in Brazil to the city of Iquitos, in Peru.  He is the moderator of the AvesVenezuela website and has just finished writing the forthcoming Field Guide to the Birds of Venezuela.

Updated: July 2016