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WINGS Tour Leaders – Gideon Sa Myo Zaw

Gideon Sa Myo Zaw

Gideon’s passion in birds started when he was a kid, and he began bird-watching in his early 20’s. He met Tony Htin Hla in 1998, and then started working with Tony, not only running bird-watching tours, but also in bird conservation on a variety of projects. He has worked with the local NGO Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) which is an affiliate of BirdLife International. He has worked on continuous Pink Headed Duck surveys in the North Myanmar, Gurney’s Pitta Surveys in the South Myanmar (Teneserim Area), defining Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the North Myanmar, White rumped Vulture Surveys in North, West and East Myanmar and various other ornithological surveys all around the country. He is now working as a local guide for Wildbird Adventure Travels & Tours and over the years has led tours for a wide variety of worldwide companies as well as private indivuals.


Updated: June 2013