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WINGS Tour Leaders – Jon Feenstra

Jon Feenstra

Image of Jon Feenstra

Raised in the Appalachian ridges of northwestern New Jersey, Jon Feenstra’s playground was the outdoors. Though birding was a passion, it was chemistry that drove his academic education. After graduating college he moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles to conduct graduate research in physical chemistry at the California Institute of Technology. There, while studying, he became active in Southern California birding: leading field trips, writing articles on bird distribution and local issues, and spending time exploring the diverse and bird-rich area. He finished a Ph.D. dissertation in ultrafast electron diffraction then decided it was finally time to go “all in” and make birding his full-time passion. When not traveling the country, or the world, Jon lives in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and works as a free-lance ecological consultant. He volunteers for the Pasadena Society, has served on the board of directors of Western Field Ornithologists, leads many of Southern California’s pelagic trips, and has contributed to several publications on terrestrial and pelagic bird distribution. During time between those activities he reads widely, brews beer, and plans his next adventure.

Many of Jon’s photos and tales from the road can be found on his website and blog:


Updated: November 2013