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WINGS Tour Leaders – Michael Mills

Michael Mills

Image of Michael  Mills

Michael Mills grew up “in the bush” in the Kalahari and Kruger National Parks where his parents were carnivore researchers. Michael’s incredible focus, dedication and ability to locate and show people Africa’s toughest birds is probably unequalled on the continent. He has led dozens of tours in Southern, East, Central, West and North Africa and his experience in locating birds on just the softest of calls or briefest of views impresses those who have travelled with him. There is seldom a tour where he doesn’t make an interesting discovery such as finding a new species for a country or record an undescribed bird call (and he has published these in the scientific literature).  

Michael has a Masters degree in Conservation Biology and also runs a bird and forest conservation project in Angola. Michael has birded extensively in Australia, Asia, South America and Antarctica, but says he always finds Africa more exciting and rewarding.

Updated: May 2019