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WINGS Tour Leaders – Nicolas Bejarano

Nicolas Bejarano

Image of Nicolas Bejarano

Nico was born and raised in Salta province, at the foot of the Andes in Northern Argentina. Despite his love for motors (son of a car mechanics expert), he studied English and tourism graduating with the highest scores and developing a deep interest in birds and nature. In 2010 he met Ricardo Clark who became his naturalist mentor as they both travelled together in the region. Soon Nico was spending more than eight months a year travelling in Northern Argentina as a staff guide for Clark Expediciones, firstly as an assistant and then as the primary bird-guide for some of the most renowned agencies and demanding groups. Nico recently graduated as an official birdwatching guide in Salta province and has been included in the list of authorized guides by the National Parks of the region. Father of two, he spends most of his free time exploring new areas with his family, passing on to his children the love of nature. 

Updated: July 2016