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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Argentina: The South - Pampas, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Eva Perón’s image is still widely found throughout the country showing her lasting effects on Argentina. Very near our hotel in the capital is the acclaimed Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve… …where the reeds harbor Chestnut-capped Blackbirds creeping Spot-flanked Gallinules … and Many-colored Rush Tyrant, the jewel of any marsh. Trees surrounding the wetlands could harbor Narrow-billed Woodcreeper. Our first few days we will spend searching the grasslands outside Buenos Aires for goodies such as Black-and-rufous Warbling Finch Checkered Woodpecker Giant Wood Rail and the highly localized Curve-billed Reedhaunter. We’ll head south to the Valdez Peninsula a land wrought with unique mammals like this Mara, a relative of the guinea pig.

Male Southern Sea Lions tend to their harems while the enormous Southern Elephant Seals fight for dominance. Rarely a Northern Giant Petrel is seen wheeling along the sea cliffs mixed in with its Southern Giant cousins while Patagonian Yellow Finches sing loudly nearby. Elegant Crested Tinamou families are easily seen along the roadsides in this locale As well as the much less common Tawny-throated Dotterel, which blends perfectly amongst the rocks. The bays around Peninsula Valdez are rich with life and we’ll take a boat trip….

to witness mother Southern Right Whales with their young calves which often allow close approach. We’ll visit a vast Magellanic Penguin colony just in time to see the year’s fluffy chicks Gigantic pink salt pans are scattered throughout this region rimmed with short grasses

where a family of Darwin’s Rheas could be seen foraging.

Our search will concentrate on several endemic species like these curious White-throated Cachalotes and range-restricted Chubut Steamer Ducks. As we head south the forests get larger and wetter, even producing snow at times. The Nathofagus forests of southern Patagonia are laden with moss that often hide Austral Parakeets. Lago Argentino is the beautiful backdrop for our days based in Calafate

Nearby Los Glaciares National Park is a great place to look for the breathtaking male Magellanic Woodpecker that often feeds with its equally spectacular partner along the trunks of towering trees. This area also offers a chance to see the unique White-throated Treerunner.

Our hotel in Ushuaia is magnificently located on the shores of the Beagle Channel. The grounds here could hold such species as Dark-faced Ground Tyrant,

or Austral Thrush A boat trip down the Beagle Channel allows close approach to islands scattered throughout that harbor resting Sea Lions with their pups and accompanying Imperial Shags Southern Fulmars dance in the waves along the boat as we pass to our island destination that accommodates Gentoo, and occasionally King Penguins.

The tour will be filled with lots of photo opportunities such as this Hairy Armadillo Amazing food such as the bountiful Parillas (barbeques) Argentina is well-known for