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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Brazil: The Southeast Atlantic Rainforest

Only a short distance from Rio, Serra dos Orgí£os National Park is home to numerous endemics and provides impressive views of Brazil’s Southeast Atlantic forests on a clear day… …and nearby, endangered Three-toed Jacamars can still be found in remnant forest patches. Mountain streams present opportunities to observe the secretive Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper… …while careful scrutiny of towering forest trees may yield… …a skulking Gray-hooded Attila or… …a Planalto Woodcreeper creeping up a trunk. Excellent birding opportunities are only steps away from our hotel in Itatiaia National Park, our base for four nights where a multitude of bird families are represented with… …Saffron Toucanets frequenting bird tables… …while Red-breasted Toucans seem to glow in the early morning light… …and Dusky-legged Guans soon become the “chooks’ of the park with their abundance. Those attracted to the multicolored fish of the tropical oceans will soon find that the avian world offers strong competition with Green-headed Tanagers that will have you marveling at the combinations of vivid colors - equaled only by close relatives competing for fruits in the same tree. Southeast Brazil will captivate hummingbird aficionados, as Brazilian Rubys light the forest with dazzling colors… …while diminutive Festive Coquettes… …and Frilled Coquettes frequently steal the show at feeders… …or a demure but showy Plovercrest is sighted leking in the higher reaches of the park. A day spent birding the upper levels of Itatiaia National Park… …will provide scenic vistas that ring with the mournful song of Black-and-gold Cotingas and superb birding in a different habitat including… …an auracaria pine forest where we will search for Auracaria Tit-Spinetail. Even scrub vegetation may yield endemics such as Band-tailed Horneros. Bare-throated Bellbirds will give their presence away with their far-carrying call long before we will have the opportunity to sight a displaying male. The excellent buffet meals provided morning, noon and night at most of our hotels offer rapid and overly-satisfying gastronomic delights throughout our Brazilian experience… …with unsurpassed birding feasts from dawn to dusk and beyond!