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To Our Customers

We are all acutely aware how much the pandemic has affected our lives and in particular our ability to travel the world in search of birds. With no tours running for the past year and a half trying to keep Sunbird afloat has been a difficult challenge. Although some destinations are opening up, most of the places we visit are still out of bounds, either due to travel restrictions imposed by the UK government, or due to restrictions on British travellers entering, or both. The end result is that we still cannot run any tours, at least not at the level we need to maintain a viable company, and there is no realistic prospect of that happening until well into next year at the earliest. It is therefore with a heavy heart that we have taken the decision to close Sunbird.

Many of you will have got to know our American sister company WINGS through their tours which we have been promoting since we first started. We are pleased that WINGS will be taking over most of our tours and that you will be able to book directly with them. If you have an existing booking with us we will be contacting you individually in the coming days and weeks to see if you would like to receive a full refund of your deposit or balance, or transfer the booking to WINGS. We will work through tours in chronological order, dealing with the most immediate tours first. We will be around for a few months yet so if you have any queries about any aspect of this you can still contact us on the usual phone number or email. To see what tours are available through WINGS please visit their website,

We have really enjoyed taking you around the world and this is a sad day for all of us at Sunbird. In the almost 40 years we have been in business it has been immensely gratifying to see how many people travelled with us repeatedly and we have got to know many of our clients as friends. We’ve travelled with you to some fantastic places and seen some great birds and all of us at Sunbird have so many wonderful memories to take away with us. It has been a special journey and one that was a real pleasure to share with you. Thank you.

Steve Rooke
Tel: 01767 262522

Wings Birding Tours