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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery


Our trip begins in Kathmandu, the heart of Nepal, where culture and color abound. While in Kathmandu, we’ll see some of the many World Heritage Sites that dot the valley floor.  We will likely visit Boudhanath, which offers rich Tibetan food and culture, and is the site of the massive Boudha Stupa…. …and Pashupatinath, the sacred Hindu temple complex that is home to dozens of Hindu holy men, or sadhus. The Kathmandu Valley also hosts hundreds of resident bird species, and we will observe many of them at Pulchowki, where we are sure to see typical Himalayan forest species such as the charismatic Blue-throated Barbet,… …Mountain Bulbul,… …and Collared Owlet. We’ll also hope to see wintering Golden Bush Robin,… …noisy foraging flocks of White-crested Laughingthrush,… …and perhaps one or two charming Asian Barred Owlet. From Kathmandu, we will fly to Koshi Tappu in southeastern Nepal, where the country’s largest river flows from the world’s highest mountains into the steamy lowlands of northern India. The subtropical woodlands and wetlands of Koshi Tappu host birds such as Coppersmith Barbet,… …wintering Himalayan Rubythroat,… …and the bizarre, skulking Greater Painted Snipe. Koshi Tappu is also the last refuge for some of Nepal’s large mammal species.  Among them, we are sure to encounter Water Buffalo, while we may also be treated to views of Gangetic River Dolphin and Asian Elephant. From Koshi Tappu, we will drive west through Nepal’s hot and humid lowlands to Royal Chitwan National Park, famed for its biodiversity and large populations of animals that are now rare outside of protected areas.  The habitat of Chitwan includes floodpla While in Chitwan, we are sure to see Indian One-horned Rhinoceros… …and birds such as Eurasian Hoopoe,… …Southern Boobook,… …Indian Roller,… …and Greater Flameback. In and around Chitwan, we’ll also see loads of raptors such as Crested Serpent Eagle… …and, with luck, perhaps some of the harder-to-find species like Bengal Tiger,… …Sloth Bear,… …and Mottled Wood Owl. We will also visit Lumbini, the world-famous birthplace of the Buddha, and home to birds such as the stately Sarus Crane,… …Stork-billed Kingfisher,… …and White-rumped Vulture. During our return trip from Chitwan to Kathmandu, we plan to make roadside stops for species such as Wallcreeper… …and Nepal’s only endemic bird—the Spiny Babbler.