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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

The Solomon Islands

The beautiful Ultramarine Kingfisher is fairly common on Guadalcanal and can be seen in and around the city of Honiara as well as in more remote stretches on Guadalcanal (DF). The capital city of Honiara is located on the island of Guadalcanal (Google Images). The well-manicured main entrance to the village at which we stay on Makira. White-headed Fruit Dove is endemic to the island of Makira and the super tiny neighboring islands of Ugi and Malaupaina (DF). Our stay on Makira will be on the coast… …in traditional Solomon Islands stilt-houses. We stay for 3 nights in the lush, forested highlands of Malaita. One of the houses clients will be staying in while at Ferafolia Village. Large mature trees dominate the forests around the village. A visit to breathtakingly beautiful Tenaru Falls is worthwhile (Google Images). Maringe Lodge is located on the shores of an extensive lagoon. Very fresh seafood is the order of the day! While birding the highlands of Santa Isabel we will stay… at Tirotonga Village. The Rennell Shrikebill is endemic to the island of Rennell (DF). Moreno Guest House. Bare-eyed White Eye is also endemic to the island of  Rennell (DF). Lake Tengano, the largest lake in the insular Pacific (Google Images). Gizo is one of the most highly sought tourist destinations in the Solomon (Google Images). View from the balcony of Imbu Rano.