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WINGS Birding Tours – Photo Gallery

Thailand: The Northwest

Our accomodation at Khao Yai has a spectacularly large and beautiful pool. Dusky Broadbill is the largest and perhaps the scarcest of the four spectacular broadbill species at Khao Yai.  This one was one of two building a nest. This male Red-headed Trogon is incubating eggs in a cavity at eye level at Khao Khieo in Khao Yai.  The tail doesn’t quite fit! Butterflies at Khao Yai are simply spectacular, particularly on the wet mud along streams.  This one is a Paris Peacock Here are a group of Common Blue Bottles with two Common Jays. Green-billed Malkoha is the largest of the malkohas and is regularly encountered at Khao Yai Our Thai escort, Pipith, taking a well-deserved cat nap. Khao Yai is visited by birders from all across the World.  Here, David Sibley has stopped by the Viewpoint for a bit of birding. Our group and staff in 2010 at our accomodations in Khao Yai. Having lunch near the airport in Bangkok prior to our flight to Chiang Mai A picnic lunch on forested Doi Pui.  Chiang Mai lies below out of sight. Thai children dancing and fund raising at Doi Suthep Temple, one of the temples we regularly visit. Our room at the Inthanon Highland Resort. The grounds of the Inthanon Highland Resort.  Both Asian Barred Spotted Owlets occur on the grounds and call through the evening, along with Rufous Treepies, and Blossom-headed Parakeets come to roost nearby. Collared Falconets occur on the lower slopes of Doi Inthanon and often perch up on high exposed branches, often in small groups The striking and personable Spectacled Barwing is numerous rather numerous at middle elevations on Doi Inthanon. Bronzed (a pair shown here) along with Lesser Racket-tailed Drongos occur together at middle elevations on Doi Inthanon. A few beautiful White-capped Redstarts are found along rushing streams in northern Thailand such as here on Doi Inthanon. Found in the same habitat as the White-capped Redstarts are the Plumbeous Redstarts.  This is a male. Sunset from the Inthanon Highland Resort looking west over wet rice paddies with the mountains near Doi Inthanon in the background. The garden at the Amari Nature Resort on Doi Ang Khang. Where we take our meals at the Royal Project on Doi Ang Khang. This scarce winter visitor, the Grey-winged Blackbird, a male, lurked just behind the restaurant at the Royal Project in the company of a half dozen Black-breasted Thrushes. One of several Grey Nightjars we ran across at night on the road on Doi Ang Khang Having a snack on Doi Lang in the far north of Thailand.  The Myanmar (Burma) border is perhaps only a hundred yards downslope. The Chestnut Thrush is a beautiful and rare winter visitor from China to northern Thailand.  This one was at the army checkpoint on Doi Lang. Also on Doi Lang was a Red-faced Liocichla, a scarce resident of extreme northern Thailand, and one of the more spectacular babbler species. Sometimes it is easy to figure out how a species got its English name!